Trapped by user name and password! Please Help!


I installed jenkins on Mac by brew .Just as macOS Installers for Jenkins LTS . Now I try login in localhost. ,username and password are required!But I don’t know!

I try to re-install jenkins by brew uninstall and brew install but without any lucky. I am trapped here and cannot go any further… Please help me out,thanks very much.

@SuperDuck I would suggest you to uninstall then delete jenkins files form C:\ProgramData and C:\ProgramFiles locations completely.
Then try to re-install and do setup.

Thanks.But I install jenkins on Mac,not windows

The suggestion on stackoverflow is to use brew --prefix to report the parent directory of the log files, then look in var/log under that parent directory.

There may be a jenkins.log file there that includes the random generated password.

If that doesn’t work, you can always skip the use of brew and download the jenkins.war file yourself, then start it with java -jar jenkins.war. That will write the log to the terminal window where you run java -jar jenkins.war.