Unable to see the Initial admin password screen when i created as localhost 9091port in windows

Installed Jenkins as localhost as 9091 after starting Jenkins war file localhost 9091 popped up with user name password but I haven’t set the user name password, it’s my first login,I can see the initial admin password I can see under the war file command, how do I log in here without any user name password?

The password will be displayed on the console if you are running the war from the command line. If you are running as a service, you will need to check the Jenkins logs to find out the initial password, it is random.

Thanks for the reply I got your comments but the Jenkins screen shows the user name and password screen instead of entering only the initial password
I haven’t set the user name and password its my first login

It sounds like there was an existing JENKINS_HOME on the system that already has some stuff setup. Check the Jenkins logs and see what is set for JENKINS_HOME.