Initial Admin Password not working

Hey there!

I installed jenkins and set it to port 8082 during installation. Now that I started the application and I am being asked to enter the initial pw, the initial PW does not work.

I tried resetting PW in config file, which lead to it generating a new initial PW when starting the app. However jenkins still won’t let me proceed.

Thanks for your help

Ok so I found out as to why the initial PW didnt work … Somehow the App was running twice, once at 8082 and once at 8080 (even after restarting the PC?)

The PC I’m using is company administrated and I don’t have the rights to kill the process … anyone got an Idea as to why the first process is not shutting down after turning off the PC?

When you installed Jenkins, did you select port 8082 in the installer? If not, it would use 8080 by default and setup a service that would be started on restart of the computer. What you want to do is stop the service, update jenkins.xml (should be in the same directory as jenkins.exe) to use port 8082 instead of 8080. Then restart the service and it should be running on port 8082.