Cant login to jenkins installation wizard

hey guys, im trying to install jenkins for windoes 10, and the installation wizard ask for my credentials
i swear i tried all option i could ever think of ( and i signed up like 30 minutes before and i wrote all the account fields)
i tried using my jenkins official account
i tried using the jenkins community account
i tried using my windoes user domain

nothing works… what should i put in the fields of :

please help this is really painful, thanks.

what does this signin box look like?

Is it a windows credentials box? It’ll be the account you need to install a service (so admin)

If its in your browser… well it should either give you a box asking for the initial token, which is on your filesystem, and it gives you instructions. If you skipped the wizard, I think the default password is admin/$thatsametoken but you can always disable security and reset it.

hey, thanks for replying i will really appreciate if you will guide me throught this, i will attach a photo
i honestly dont know which exact credentials i need.

This is the account that the Jenkins service is running under. If you are connected to a domain then you can pick a domain account to use. Otherwise, start with LocalSystem for now and you can switch it later as needed.

Those are the credentials for an account you’ll need to create. That account will be used to run the Jenkins service.

In the Windows installation guide, it says:

Step 3: Service logon credentials

When Installing Jenkins, it is recommended to install and run Jenkins as an independent windows service using a local or domain user as it is much safer than running Jenkins using LocalSystem(Windows equivalent of root) which will grant Jenkins full access to your machine and services.

To run Jenkins service using a local or domain user , specify the domain user name and password with which you want to run Jenkins, click on Test Credentials to test your domain credentials and click on Next .

If the steps described in the stackoverflow article work for you, we may want to extend the installation documentation to describe those steps.

i see, by “connected to a domain” , you mean if i have a server / website domain ?
would i be able to use jenkins as a pipeline integrated with github and maven, with the LocalSystem option ? (option 1)


take a look at Mark’s SO link… that’s probably a good resource. I was referring to a Windows Domain rather than a web site domain. The former existed long before the Internet was popular.

ok thanks im looking at his link as we speak,
by the way my windows domain is in hebrew
and when i typed in the windoes domain username it gave an error saying “string too long”

maybe the hebrew is making problems loging in :S

That shouldn’t be an issue since both are controlled by windows. But still, if you do need to use a windows domain account for your jenkins service, that can be changed after the fact easily enough.

thanks, you all helped me alot, i appreciate it and will try to manage my way through this :slight_smile: !