Issue in installing jenkins

I am unable to install jenkins via the local system method ( which is recommended) as it is asking for username and password, which I am continuously putting it correct, but the issue persists. Please, if anyone could help.


I’ll assume you are installing on Windows as you mention Local System, but Local System is NOT recommended at all for installing on Windows. It is recommended that you create an account and run Jenkins as a normal user. Can you share a screenshot of the issue you are seeing in the installer?

Personally, I download the “jenkins.jar” file and run it using the java CLI. I like this way because I can see the jenkins log on my desktop.

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That is definitely one way of doing it, but that doesn’t work when you want Jenkins to come up automatically when the PC resets, etc. Running as a service also allows you to separate the user running Jenkins and a separate user account used on the same machine.