Plugin to schedule pipeline job

hi ,

is there any plugin to schedule pipeline job

triggers{ cron('H/15 * * * *') } looks suitable for this. Pipeline Syntax

If you don’t want to define the schedule as part of the pipeline itself, I suppose you could set up a second pipeline that has this schedule and uses the build step to start the first pipeline.

@kon looking for dynamic time input and date . is it possible ?
if i need job to run at random date and time .

Just start it using a script

above link says sample curl command . pls guide to input date and time which will be dynamic

hi ,

i need my jenkins pipeline to trigger based on future date and time ( its needs to read date and time from user ) .
is it possible through script or declartive pipeline script .pls suggest

have you look at at all?

yes . many plugins are there .
but there jenkins job for dymanic time inputs.

say user input time is at after 5 min . it should be triggered .
and for same job i give user time input after 10 min. it should be triggered

any suggestions .pls let me know

@saper any inputs on this .pls suggest .
i need to trigger based on dynamic time inputs

sorry, you will have to find solution yourself.