Scheduling Logic

I need to schedule a pipeline to run on the first Saturday of the month. At first, this seems like it will be very complicated or require a plugin. However, I see a very simple answer on Stack Overflow that seems feasible at first glance.

Would something like this work for “Run on first Sat of the Month at 10am UTC/6am EST”:

H 10 1-7 * 6

The logic is if the day is 1st through 7th AND a Saturday, then execute the pipeline. We are expecting ALL input to be valid at one time for this to be true.

However, there is concern Jenkins will interpret this to run on day 1-7 OR run it on a Saturday. In this case Jenkins is allowing one set of requirements to be true at a time and the pipeline could execute multiple times.

Can anyone confirm what behavior I should see. If this does run the risk of firing off multiple times in error, does anyone have a suggestion on how to tell Jenkins to run the pipeline only on the first Saturday of the month?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I cant tell you for sure, but if it does that, its a huge bug. Easy enough to test though