Trigger the jenkins job on specific commit

I’m working on declarative pipeline. I want to trigger the job on specific commit like “Release to SIT”. For this purpose, there was a plugin “commit-message-trigger-plugin”, which is suspended.

Is there any way to configure a Jenkins job to trigger a build on specific commit message?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @technonies and welcome to this community :wave:

You could always download the plugin and install it manually, but it hasn’t been updated for 7 years.
I think a .sh or .bat script file would be helpful for your use case, reading the commit message and deciding if you should build or not.
Please have a look at :

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Thanks for your reply. I just write my own script to accomplish this task.

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Thanks for your feedback.
Good luck with your script.

Actually you can’t in this case. Support for plugins not written in Java have been removed.

Thank you Gavin, my bad.