Jenkins - trigger build only for new release branches

We are using Jenkins 2.2.

I have some old release branches in git: release/2022.1, release/2022.2, release/2022.3 … Now starting from branch release/2022.4 which I need to create and for the following years from now on, I would like to trigger my Jenkins build job when that branch is created from master (it will not be modified furthermore ).
The issue: when I do the configuration of the Jenkins it automatically triggers job for all my previous release branches which is NOT what I want. Triggers are the default ones when pushing the code from git bitbucket (no additional triggers have been defined).
How to tell Jenkins “start from now on” for every new release branch?

My Jenkins Configuration is the following:

Discover branches:
Exclude branches that are also filed as PRs

Discover pull requests from origin:
Merging the pull request with the current target branch revision

Filter by name (with wildcards):

Thanks a lot!!!

I mean it shouldn’t, it should scan and see if there are changes, but if there’s no changes, it shouldn’t run. There should be an “events” or “scan log” sidebar link that says what triggered a rerun, assuming your using either org scan or multibranch pipeline.

if your filter is release/* then why are you needing to reconfigure jenkins for a new branch?

not that its really what you asked, but this sounds like a tag not a branch