Jenkins - Parameterized Scheduler plugin - Stops to work for some reasons


I am using Jenkins version 2.235.5.

The application is installed on Windows 10 machine.

I got the parameterized scheduler plugin (version 1.0) to manage Cron execution for Jenkins pipelines.
I am careful to make the concurrent process running at different times in the cron definition.

For some reason, sometimes, the scheduler stops to work and I need to restart Jenkins to get it running again.

Nothing appears on the log file and it never happen for free style projects but only for pipelines.

I was wondering if someone is facing such kind of issue?


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I’ve not seen any report from others of any case where the scheduler stops working. Jenkins 2.235.5 was released 4 years ago. It has many known security vulnerabilities. Upgrading to a newer version may resolve your issue. If it does not resolve your issue, it will still increase the chances that others are willing to help.


Thank you Mark for your quick answer.
We are indeed considering the upgrade.
I’ll let know the community.
Best regards