Jenkin's schedule not triggering build

I’m using Jenkins build 2.387.3
I have the following schedule defined within Jenkins for a particular Job:

H(30-30) 14 * * 2,7

this job was scheduled to trigger a build once a week.

But Sometimes the job is not triggered. I noticed that the job is not showing inside the Job’s build history.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to solve it?

Hello @sachin5531 and welcome to this community. :wave:

Here are a few steps you could maybe take to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Check the cron expression: The cron expression H(30-30) 14 * * 2,7 is expected to schedule the job to run at around 14:30 on every Tuesday and Sunday. Make sure that this is the intended schedule. If not, you might need to adjust the cron expression.
  2. Check the system time: Ensure that the system time on the Jenkins server is correct. If the system time is not correct, it can cause the job to trigger at unexpected times or not trigger at all.
  3. Check the job configuration: Ensure that the job is enabled and that the cron expression is set correctly in the job configuration. If the job is disabled or the cron expression is not set correctly, the job will not trigger.
  4. Check the Jenkins logs: The Jenkins logs can provide useful information about what’s happening when the job is supposed to trigger. Look for any error messages or warnings that might indicate what’s causing the issue.
  5. Check for any recent changes: If this issue started occurring recently, try to recall any changes made to the Jenkins setup or the job configuration around the time the issue started.