Our plugin doesn't appear in Configure->Add build step

I installed Acunetix 360 plugin, I can see it on installed plugins page

but I can’t see it on Configure->Add build step

How can I see, what is the problem ?

Current Jenkins version is 2.319.1

out of curiosity, and totally on me because I think I approved it, but it looks like there’s two plugins

Whats the difference between them? can they be merged?

Are you talking about inside of pipeline syntax generator? or more likely inside of freestyle job?
Have you restarted since installing the plugin?


Acunetix acquired by my current company before I join, I will investigate about Acunetix plugin then I will take action. I’m trying to use Acunetix 360 plugin in freestyle job. I restarted many times after installing.
Additionally when I generate a package in my local enviroment it works.


@halkeye Do you have any idea? I really need help.

No sorry. I don’t do very much plugin development.

My only guess is that function shouldn’t be overridden.

I found the problem. The problem is a few weeks ago we changed admin email address on jenkins.io but not in pom.xml. When I changed email address in pom.xml it worked successfully. Thanks.

I don’t see how that remotely would impact functionality of the code, but as long as your happy then yay