Jenkins Plugin not visible

I have installed- Changes since last successful build in my jenkins.
I can’t see this changes since last success option in UI-
(this image is for reference as in mine, “changes since last success” is not visible.


How to fix it?

First of all make sure that you are using a recent Jenkins version, we are currently at 2.375.x. Also, the violations plugin is deprecated since years.

Then try again. If the plugin then still does not work, then the plugin might be broken. It hasn’t been touched for more than 4 years.

I installed it on my instance and the entry did not appear for me either. There is one bug report that suggests the same behavior has been seen by others.

You could review the other bug reports to see if they give any hints about what is required to make that plugin work.

I agree with Ulli that you should consider generating changelogs some other way. A web search will lead you to several different tools that can help with changelog generation.

Hey @MarkEWaite , I actually gone through the bug reports you have mentioned but it wasn’t of much help. So, I can conclude that this plugin is not going to work and it is not even going to fixed in future?

So now I should look for some alternative solution? Do you have any suggestion like how could I get a change log since last successful build otherwise if a particular build is failed then the changes are lost to be loggged for the next build making it difficult to locate which particular build has that change. I hope you understand! @uhafner your suggestions are also welcome…

So now I should look for some alternative solution?

  • You can use plain Git two create such a changelog.
  • You can have a look at Git Changelog, maybe that plugin works better
  • You can try to bring the plugin you tested into good shape so that it works with the latest Jenkins version.

A quick look at the code shows that the main impl. is unchangdef rom 2013 and uses AbstractBuild, so ti is at least not compatible with pipeline jobs. I would also recommend Git Changelog plugin as an alternative.