Last changes jenkins plugin

Hi, I am trying to generate some reports with Last Changes plugin and it supposed the show this feature

but it doesn’t appear the ‘After installation just activate the post build action named Publish Last Changes.’
Has anyone used the plunging with Multibranch Pipeline before?
This is what I get with my Multibranch Pipeline, and Jenkins has been restarted.

Hello @kenotsolutions and welcome to this community :wave:

What version of Jenkins are you running, and what version of this plugin are you using?

Ensure that the Last Changes plugin version you have installed is compatible with your Jenkins version. Some plugins may not work correctly or display all features if they are not compatible.

Verify plugin installation: Double-check that the Last Changes plugin is installed correctly. Go to “Manage Jenkins” > “Plugins” > “Installed Plugins” tab, and make a search to confirm that the plugin is listed there. If not, you may need to install or reinstall the plugin.

The picture shows the menu when you click on the Add post-build action that is below the menu in a freestyle job. The menu you show is what you get when you click on the Additional Behaviours button of the git plugin which is above the menu in the picture from the docu.

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The version is Jenkins 2.387.2 and the installed plug-in is Last Changes; the plug-in has been successfully installed, and I can see the plugin with freestyle project, but I would like to use it with a multibranch pipeline.


That is correct, and my question is if anyone has used it before within a multibranch pipeline.