Our Plugin code has been forked by JenkinsCI

What will be the next step toward the Jenkins plugin release?

We have already added JenkinsFiles on the root.

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Thank you @halkeye,

By the way we have done,

  • Incrementals Enablement
  • Enable CD Permissions

Do we have to direct release plugin by clicking on release plugin button shown in GitHub repository?

for some reason its not showing up on Repositories (1158) [Plugins] [Jenkins]
So i recommend making a helpdesk ticket - Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Our Build pipeline is successfully completed and deployed.

  • What will be the next in order to release our plugin?

Our end goal is end-user can install the pipeline-reporter-by-redpen-plugin from the Jenkins marketplace or from Manage Jenkins in the User’s Jenkins Server.

@halkeye can you please help us out with this?

Did you create the helpdesk ticket like I suggested?

yes we did Plugin not released · Issue #2906 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub

and our plugin builds are following Branches (6) [Plugins » pipeline-reporter-by-redpen-plugin] [Jenkins]

but on marketplace Search Results | Jenkins plugin we can’t find our plugin.

Are we missing something?

Checklist item #2 of the release plugin through GitHub list was not done.

repository-permissions-updater/plugin-pipeline-reporter-by-redpen.yml at 7452ed296690011252981b63c06e9d67f3ab34ea · jenkins-infra/repository-permissions-updater · GitHub does not have cd enabled.

I recommend you re read the page and make sure you’ve completed all steps before pinging people

@halkeye Sorry about the previous mistake we did,

We thought that we have to add plugin-xxx.yml on our plugin code side. We have fixed our mistake jenkins-infra/repository-permissions-updater (github.com) and added cd enable in jenkins-infra/repository-permissions-updater repository.

We have also pushed cd.yaml too. pipeline-reporter-by-redpen-plugin/cd.yaml at main · jenkinsci/pipeline-reporter-by-redpen-plugin (github.com)

I also created the release manually and looks like it is no use Release First release · jenkinsci/pipeline-reporter-by-redpen-plugin (github.com)

Please give us the direction to publish our plugin on https://plugins.jenkins.io/ so our users can search and install the Jenkins plugin on their Jenkins server.

Thank you.

@halkeye Thank you for helping us to publish our Jenkins plugin