Nedd to know the process of Plugin release

We have developed a plugin and wanted to release it in jenkins. We are in the middle of the process, Our code has been successfully integrated to jenkinsci and we need to do some further steps to get our plugin released. Jenkins team has given some list to follow I am unable to understand how to do one of the steps which is to “Enable CD Permission” Can anyone tell me how to do it. Thanks. I have copied the steps the jenkins team told me to do.

Enable CD Permissions

Enable the continuous delivery flag in repository permission updater (RPU) for your plugin by filing a pull request adding to permissions/plugin-xxx.yml:

  enabled: true

In your PR towards the repository permission updater, include a link to the PR in your plugin, which contains all the necessary changes, like described above.

Can you elaborate which particular step is unclear? Given you copied an excerpt of the step-by-step guide, which provides all information you need, I have a hard time understanding what’s unclear to you.