Issue with setting up automated plugin release

Hi I’m trying to setup my plugin for automated release. Following this article: Setting up automated plugin release few things that I dont understand.

  1. Here I don’t understand what does this line even means? I ran mvn incrementals:incrementalify on my plugin repo. Now?

  2. I see this section in my plugin is still empty. Although it says wait until you see.

I feel like i’ve been through this a bunch.

You need to enable incrementals for your repo to enable non release builds.

Then you need to enable cd in GitHub - jenkins-infra/repository-permissions-updater: Artifactory permissions synchronization tool and data set for your plugin.

Since you didn’t include which plugin, any links, we can’t check state at all.

I’m not sure what the second half of your screenshot to create a PR in jenkins core is about. Nothing about your plugin should involve the jenkins core repo.

Here is the LINK to PR, its merged.

After this step I’m stuck on this one, waiting on MAVEN_TOKEN and MAVEN_USERNAME appear under Repository secrets

No its not, its specifically still open. You didn’t do the items on the checklist.

I would recommend reading the checklist, and filling out the things you need to fill out, so the volunteers managing all that can review and merge things easily.

Hi Request to add ACCELQ plugin to auto upload by accelq · Pull Request #3257 · jenkins-infra/repository-permissions-updater · GitHub
Can someone please let me know if this PR can be merged or not, been waiting for a couple of days now.