I want to know the process of releasing the plugin after the code is merged to jenkinsci

Hi, we have enabled CD, and everything specified in the document and raised a PR to merge. The PR is approved, and we have merged our code to default branch now We need to know the next steps for releasing the plugin. should we just wait for the jenkins team to release or is there anything we need to do after this.

In your repository-permission-updater PR you provided an invalid URL to your plugin preparing your plugin for CD. Therefore, nobody could review your PR linked.

Hi @NotMyFault we have enabled CD before our repository is forked into jenkinsci that’s the reason we have provided the PR of the original repository. Since your team has asked us to delete the original repository the PR is not opening. The changes specified in the document is already done and you can check that in our code, but we don’t have the PR in which the changes are merged. Can you tell us what to do now.

That’s the reason why enabling incrementals and cd is not part of the initial hosting process, upstream PRs will be lost, and we don’t review your code base past the hosting process for any related changes.

If cd has been enabled in the rpu and your plugin has been incremental-ified, you can start merging PRs and label them accordingly to the docs to cut releases automatically.

we have merged our branch to default branch on Dec 8th from then we are not seeing any builds happening in artifacts in jfrog. We also want to know when will our plugin be available in jenkins to use.

We have made the specified changes, and the builds are there in jfrog when we can see the plugin in jenkins plugins page. that is when will the plugin release in jenkins for others to use.