Enable Jenkins plugin release to public channel instead of incremental on github commit

We had a plugin that was not maintained much for 2 years.
Now we would like to make some changes and re-deploy the whole plugin.

Doing so I encountered some problems:

  1. My changes never got pushed into: Index of public/io/jenkins/plugins/simplify-qa-connector (jenkins-ci.org)
    but only on incrementals channel: Index of incrementals/io/jenkins/plugins/simplify-qa-connector (jenkins-ci.org)

  2. I think merging this PR can solve this problem and automatically release the plugin on public channel:
    plugin-simplify-qa-connector by Simplify3x · Pull Request #3685

Hello @bernardbdas and welcome to this community. :wave:

I can see a new version: Index of public/io/jenkins/plugins/simplify-qa-connector/2.0.03.vf01577892712 .

I have manually uploaded that using the jfrog artifactory provided by Jenkins
But the metadata.xml did not change.

I guess if we can change the metadata then the plugin should update in the plugin store.

That’ll just break things, take a look at the docs how Jenkins plugins are released.