How to migrate from Jenkins Multijob plugin to Pipeline and Jenkins file

Has anyone converted from using Jenkins Multijob plugin to using Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkins file.
We have an Jenkins installation that has literally 100s of multijob jobs. We would like to move to using pipeline and a Jenkins file but would rather not have to recreate the 100s of jobs that we have.
Does anyone have any experience with doing this conversion?
I also tried using the ‘Convert to Pipeline’ for some of the individual Jenkins jobs and Jenkins always just hangs. I am currently on Jenkins v2.260.


This is a good question! But until there is a good answer, I’m sticking with the Multi-Job Plugin. So far it still works fine!

So you are still using the Muti-job Plugin with the latest Jenkins version?
Do you also use Pipeline or the Jenkins DSL?
I would like to get the Jenkins jobs, single and multi-jobs into a file with either pipeline or DSL so that I can have version control for the jobs in Git.

What version of Multi-job Plugin and Jenkins are you running?

I am using Jenkins v2.361.4 and what I think it’s the latest version of the Multi-Job plugin. All my jobs are fully versioned in Git despite the fact that I neither use pipeline or job DSL (freestyle jobs are my preferred style). For many years I have used a custom job (GitHub - imoutsatsos/Jenkins-JOB_CONFIG_ANALYZER: Utility job for analyzing the configuration of Jenkins-CI freestyle jobs) that creates all the artifacts required to fully comprehend and recreate freestyle jobs and the artifacts from this job (including the job config.xml) are in a git repository