Open Source Maintainer Week on Jun 7-12. Do we want to organize something?

Next week there will be maintainer week on Jun 7-11. There are multiple events being organized by communities. GitHub - github/maintainerweek: A week for maintainers to gather & share

I would propose to organize a few events next week (Jun 10…12):

  • Introduction to Jenkins plugin maintenance: Overview of the community, tooling, plugin adoption process, etc.
  • Jenkins Governance process overview. It has been recently requested by the Ortelius team, and I think this is a good time to do the overview
  • Small hackfest focused on improving maintainer tools in Jenkins? Various tools, CI, bots, GitHub actions, etc.
  • // Something else? Please comment!

If anyone wants to be a co-host of the events, I will be happy to organize them and prepare slides.More contributors and talk ideas are welcome! I started a Doodle here for the slots, please vote if you are interested to join the event as a presenter or a speaker: Doodle - Make meetings happen

Discussions to:

We did not attend officially. Closing. Thanks to everyone who participated as individuals!