Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - September 8, 2022

Attending: Alyssa, Jean-Marc Meessen, Bruno Verachten, Mark Waite


  • Action Items:
    • AT to work on the monthly newsletter suggested by Gavin.
      • Status: Gdoc was created HERE for SIGs to provide their monthly update. Looking forward to the first edition to go out beginning of Oct.
        • SIGS: Advocacy & Outreach, Infrastructure, Documentation (Kevin), Governance, Platform (Bruno), UX.
    • Request to promote a Bay Area meetup
      • Declined, not related to Jenkins
  • GSoC Update:
    • We are scheduling the final presentation, via JOM, for October. This is where GSoC Contributors will report on their final results, lessons learned, demo, etc
    • Blogs from each project will follow after the JOM
  • DevOps World 2022
    • Contributor Summit agenda as close as final has been communicated HERE
    • Contributing to the Open Source workshop - 90 min by MW, BV, JMM. A lot of time and effort has been put into preparing for this workshop.
      • Improve a plugin - will help people make specific useful contributions to the plugin of their choice.
        • We’ve selected a group of twenty-five plus plugins, and we’re preparing answers for them, so that if they can’t do it they’ll be able to look at our answers.
        • The idea is they start, they try it, and if they’re successful, great, and if not, they look in the back of the book. And there is the answer. And as a result of this there will be a new tutorial posted to focused on helping developers do these kinds of small improvements, small but valuable improvements to Jenkins plugins.
  • Hacktoberfest - Mark Waite / Jean-Marc Meessen
    • DigitalOcean announcement being anxiously awaited
    • Online meetups and other promotion events (ideas)
      • Blog post and social media posts to launch and outline
        • Contributing to code
        • Contributing to documentation
      • Early October launch meetup
      • End of October results meetup?
    • Areas of interest
  • CDF advocacy increasing
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