Monochrome colour/color scheme - how to change it back?

We’ve recently updated from 2.319.2 to 2.346.3 and something horrible has happened… almost everything has become monochrome!
It seems sadly that Jenkins has fallen foul of this misguided trend to remove all colour from icons and text, to prevent problems for people with colour-blindedness. In reality, of course, all that happens is it makes the web page considerably more difficult to navigate for everyone, not just those unfortunate enough to be colour-blind. Not exactly progress. It’s like limiting all cars to 30mph just because a quad bike can only do 30mph.

So, how can I reverse this? Genuinely it’s far slower to navigate around now as the human eye looks for colour first, then shape, then text.

And is there a way to make it configurable for those that might find it helpful (though I can’t actually imagine any situation where it actually helps)?


There isn’t a way to reverse it. Those are the SVG icons that allow a themed user interface so that users can choose to display a dark theme, a solarized theme, or the default theme.

You can learn more about the changes in the User Experience SIG including the meeting notes and their associated videos.

I assume that if someone were willing to do the work to propose SVG colorized alternatives to those icons, it might be considered. However, based on the amount of effort expended to bring those icons into Jenkins and its plugins, I suspect there will be some resistance.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the quick reply. It’s just really disappointing to see such a backwards step in usability, which seems to be pervading software everywhere with monochrome layouts. It really goes against the way the brain works and makes UIs frustrating and non-intuitive to use.
I’m sure there were good intentions behind this but it’s really a retrograde step, I’m afraid.
Don’t get me wrong - I love Jenkins as a tool and I enjoy using it. One of its major plus points has been speed of finding your way around the UI compared to competing systems and that’s now gone, sadly.
All the best,