Jenkins installation has no UI images

Hello guys,
First time setting up Jenkins today, and I cannot find out for the life of me how to get these icons on the dashboard to appear after install. Tried installing both the LTS and weekly, and my dashboard still appears as so:
Is there a specific plugin I need to install to get the icons to appear? All of the tutorials I’ve watched on youtube just have them after installation.

Thank you!

You have the UI images. With those images, the Jenkins UI can be run in its default theme or in dark theme or in a solarized theme. With those images, the UI scales better and renders better.

The Jenkins UI improvements are continuing. See the User Experience SIG for the latest developments.

Jenkins 2.346.1 switched the icons from PNG to SVG

The PNG icons honor themes (like dark theme and solarized theme) and are scalable. Many user interface improvements throughout.

Jenkins 2.332.1 modernized the table design

Jenkins 2.303.1 started the SVG image transition

Jenkins 2.277.1 uses div based layout instead of table based layout

Better user experience, especially for users on narrower screens.

Oh wow, spent too much time trying to figure out a bug that wasn’t a bug lol. Thank you!