Green <=> Blue balls in Jenkins GUI 2.289.x


we just had blue, instead of our used to green balls in Jenkins 2.289.3.
Turns out 2.289 seems to come with the default blue balls, but the “Modern Icon” plugin we ha been using is changing these to the green ones.
Because most the “Modern Icon” are replaced by Jenkins defaults, I uninstalled the plugin, but that as the surprising side effect to turn the balls from green to blue.

Just wanted to make you aware, if you run into the same problem.


Where are you referencing? Build history view?

The jenkins balls have always been blue. There’s actually a blog post about it Why does Jenkins have blue balls?

I saw it in te list to the right in the build time trend. There also the diagram to the right uses blue for the passing runs.Sorry, I had planned to upload a screenshot, but found this option only now.

If you want it to be green, then is the typical solution. Its not something that has changed recently though

I’m aware of this and the post. (Found it, when I started searching for an explanation)
In the (dim) past, there was the “Green Balls” plugin (whatever the precise spelling); we had been using that. I know that it is no longer supported and checked, that we didn’t have it installed before the update of the core. In my understanding, the decision on the color was set by a “colorblind support”-option per user. I can’t no longer see this option; I didn’t check it on the Jenkins 2.277.4.
On 2.277.4 we had been seeing green balls there. (Also the prefered color by our developers)
And as I now realized, while Jenkins core is using the internal icons instead of the ones from “Modern Icon”, the green balls in the build time trend, are still the ones form “Modern Icon”.
Because my interpretation was, that the new icons in the core make “Modern Icon” useless, I wanted to get rid of an unneeded plugin.
For me our current state is ok; I wanted to make others aware, in case they run into the same surprise.

it seems GreenBall is no longer supported.
The ChangeLog for 2.289.1 says: “Add modern icons: build status and weather. (pull 5065, pull 5392)”
And on referenced GitHub pulls I found: " Green Balls Plugin is no longer compatible with the new icons. If you use the plugin on your instances, it can be disabled or removed."
So I had checked before the update, that we don’t have Green Balls installed.
The more I had been surprised when I found the blue balls - even more so when I couldn’t remember them from testing 2.289.4. That was caused by removing the seemingly unneeded “Modern Icon” plugin only later.

For me the current state is ok; I just had been surprised by what I found and as written the main intention of my post is to make this visible to other potential fans of green balls at that position.

I did some searching in the core repo, there’s no mention of green balls or colorblind support currently or in the past. Modernize build status and weather icons by timja · Pull Request #5065 · jenkinsci/jenkins · GitHub does mention (as i see you’ve now replied) greenballs-plugin/ at 2ad41fb79b1fe6d2e7a690316b876bd904dca75d · jenkinsci/greenballs-plugin · GitHub which does thave the colorblind support, but thats the greenballs plugin not jenkins core.

@timja would know as its his PR, so at this point i’ll wait for him.

That was just forgotten about really. Fixing it was difficult enough that it was detached from the main PR.

and wasn’t done…
Did you want to create a bug on Jira component core?

@timja Hello Tim,

can you please clarify:
"That was just forgotten about really. "
You’re referring to being able to get green success balls instead of the blue ones ?

“Did you want to create a bug on Jira component core?”
You’re asking me to create a JIRA ticket for it ? I can do this (After bringing up the point), I just don’t want to create (more) chaos.
This should be filed as “bug” ? Improvement ?



No it should be using the new icons, it was forgotten about after the PR to change icons from blue balls to the modern icons was done.

Bug please

Here it is:

Temporary work-around is to install the “Modern Status” plugin: