Build Status Icon

May I know how I can change the color of the build status icon if the build has warning?
If I can do it by configuring a plugin, can someone guide me please?


what have you tried so far? Why doesn’t that work for you?

I don’t know where to start. I was only researching and I found, Alexander pointed me to Analysis Model API. and I checked out configuration as code too. I’m not sure which is a correct/better approach. Could you help shed some light?

But what warnings do you mean? Static analysis warnings in your source code? Then the warnings plugin is the right tool. If you want to act on unstructured warnings messages in your build then you need the log parser plugin.

Maybe it helps if you describe your planned use case in more detail.

For example this build has 5 warnings. Instead of a green ball with tick I would like to change the icon to a blue ball with tick to differentiate between pass with warnings and pass with no errors.
I should pull the warnings plugin, make the necessary changes and install the plugins right?


I must admit that I still do not get it. I have never seen such a page in Jenkins, where is it shown? From which plugin? When you are talking about green and blue balls, those are not used anymore. Which Jenkins version are you using? Maybe a screenshot of your whole page would help to understand your problem.