Do you like the orange icons for "Downloaded successfully" in plugin manager with new icons (jenkins 2.289.x)?

what is your opinion on the icon for “Download successfully” in the plugin manager with Jenkins 2.289 ?
These orange icons always make me startled for a short moment, until I realize, that everything is fine so far. Unfortunately I can’t remember the icon used here with the “old” icons - but I can’t remember being startled every time I saw it.
What is your opinion ?

I think in older versions a yellow ball has been shown. It means unstable as a build result.

But I understand that this is misleading. Do you have a better alternative in mind? What about the check mark in grey rather than in green to provide a different style for the different result?

So maybe it is the exclamation mark, that baffled me. I can’t remember that reaction from the old icons.
And I have run several plugin updates wit the new icons by now.
(But maybe I just had been (better) used to the old ones)
Could you post the old icon, if you can get hold of it ?
I understand that it isn’t green, because the plugin is not yet installed.
A grey checkmark sounds reasonable to me.

Thanks for this discussion.

UX is really really hard. Different things mean different things to different people. Throw in language and location bias it is even harder.

A question mark to me is either something to indicate a question, or an unknown state.

This is a known state. The new plugin isn’t activated yet.

I don’t use this UI often as I use the CLI tool, but to me the ! Makes sense but the circle doesn’t. Triangle feels more normal to me

What I mean is the Success status icon of, just in gray (not in green)

Hi Ulli,
yes, that would be fine with me. It’s just that this icon does not yet exist - does it ?
(And I guess the currently used icon:

  • the color is now more orange then yellow +
  • There is this exclamation mark

Both combined make the icon much more “shout”: “problem !” at me.
Maybe I need some more time to get used to it. (Also a reason to ask, to hear other opinions)

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I’ve now looked more closely on the last plugin update I did.
There is that “Pending” with the blue icon - see below
In this case meaning: “The plugin update is not yet done”.
Wouldn’t that be appropriate icon with the text as currently used
“Downloaded Successfully. Will be activated during the next boot”

To me the icon ("…") indicates: There is something still ongoing/needed, but so far the action is fine."

My 2 cents here. For me this is a notice to Jenkins Admins, an informative message, which is usually represented with info icon. It could be same icon than current one but inverted and blue.

I like the idea of “I’m almost done, and so far have no errors”-kind of “gray checkmark” - If this does go into a vote, I’m +1 on the gray checkmark.