Jenkins Status Icon

Jenkins Status Icons on Dashboard do not update when new builds are kicked off (Icon never spins) and when the build finishes (Icon never stops spinning). Only after a refresh of the page does the icon update.

The problem exists on all 3 browsers (MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox)

I’m running Jenkins 2.332.3

Does anyone know what the issue is?

Hello @spland30 and welcome to this community :wave:

How long have you had this problem? Did you change your Jenkins version recently?
Is there nginx, Apache httpd or anything else in front of your Jenkins controller?
Is there any hint in the network part of the Web developer tools?


It’s always been a problem since it was installed. I installed Jenkins for the first time about a year ago. Our Jenkiins instance has been deployed under apache-tomcat from a war file. I have not looked at the Web developer tools as I’m not quire sure what to look at for this issue.

Thanks for your answer Steve.
As for the Web developer tools, I was thinking of looking at the icons HTTP requests.
Is there a request, if so, is there a timeout, what is the status code, and so on.
My $0.02.