Replacing Community Site Logo

Currently un-readable in dark mode

Original Version:

I’m not really good at the image tools, but followed How to Outline Text in GIMP [in 3 Simple Steps] and was able to make

I’m not sold on the white/black, so open to feedback/other versions, but i think its better than the solo color.

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functional but not good.

You could maybe set an SVG and then change the text colour to use the text colour of the foreground?

oooh, that sounds like a cool idea. I have to read up on svgs. Is that something that can be done natively or needs javascript/css? I’m not sure how much access we have here.

Done via css, if you set the text’s fill to be currentColor it should work if it’s included as an SVG

Why not just use text like header. It’s just white text. They have this:

.navbar-dark .navbar-brand {
    color: #fff;

honestly it never even occured to me that we’d have CSS ability in the hosted version of discourse. Looks like we can tweak the templates

I’ll poke around and see if we can do something that is safe with both light and dark color scheme.

Turns out there’s a setting for the dark logo, so now there’s a regular white one for dark, and the black text for light.