Jenkins with Tomcat 10

Followed all this tutorial on how to install Tomcat and Jenkins: Jenkins + Tomcat | How to Install | Blazemeter by Perforce

Then after clicking on the “Start using Jenkins” button, the following Error message is displayed on the Control Panel page (see attached image) and it prevents me from accessing tabs like Manage Jenkins and others…

Oops! A problem occurred while processing the request. Logging ID=bcbdfacf-f4f7-4b76-a73b-291ebb700830

My Java version is: jdk 17 Tomcat version: 10.1.7 Used the LTS war file

Note: I also tried to install Jenkins some days before, and created a user account and was able to access Jenkins without the above mentioned error, but couldn´t deploy it on Tomcat, so started everything again and created a different account, used the same username, but different password and also the same email account.

Actual Result: Can´t use Jenkins normally.

Expected Result: Can use Jenkins normally.

That uuid should show up in your error logs and tell you more information.

I would recommend against using tomcat though. It’s not well supported or tested with Jenkins, and there’s some work around a needed which are documented on

Gavin is correct that Tomcat is not actively tested by any of the Jenkins core maintainers. Tomcat 10 is known to not work. It is listed as “Level 3: Unsupported” in the servlet container support policy.

There are users that continue to use Tomcat 9 with Jenkins, but Jenkins core maintainers focus their efforts on the versions of Winstone and Jetty that are bundled with Jenkins. The limitations of Tomcat 9 and other servlet containers are described in the install guide for other servlet containers.

See the servlet container support policy for more details:

Unless there is a very strong reason, use the Winstone (Jetty based) servlet container that is included with Jenkins rather than Tomcat, WildFly, Websphere, or others.

Thank you Gavin/Mark, for the advice, I already installed Jenkins without Tomcat and is working fine!