Jenkins not starting onTomcat server

I installed Jenkins, and it can open using http://localhost:8080. Io can also start the Tomcat server using localhost:8080. I copied the jenkins.war file into Tomcat’s webapp folder, but when I use the tomcat startup.bat file, and add the Jenkins to the address, localhost:8080/jenkins I get a 404 error. Everything seems correct from my research, but I still can’t get Jenkins to open using the Tomcat server. Any advice to get by this issue?

What version of Jenkins and what version of Tomcat? Jenkins is not compatible with anything above Tomcat 8 I believe.

Winstone bundled inside Jenkins is the preferred and supported container for Jenkins. It is the most thoroughly tested and includes full support for agents that use Websocket

Tomcat 9 generally works though is not tested by any automation or by any of the Jenkins core maintainers. It does not include support for Websocket agents.

Tomcat 10 and later are known to not work or have severe limitations.

See the servlet container support policy for more details

There are some limited instructions on other servlet containers in the Jenkins user handbook.

My bad, I was thinking it was Tomcat 9, but it is Tomcat 10…thanks for the info.

Jenkins 2.387.2 for LTS, Tomcat is v10.

I looked through Tomcat, but v8.5 is being deprecated next year. Will the Native versions suffice?

Can you please fill me in on what this is?


Did you read the link mark provided?

tomcat 10 is not supported and has known issues. No open source contributions have been made to fix things.


tl;dr java -jar jenkins.war