Jenkins in Apache Tomcat reports error when I apply a repository URL change

i m using jenkins in apcahe tomcat when i put a repository URL and click apply I also face this error…A problem occurred while processing the request.
Logging ID=f39e59b6-a80d-458e-ba2d-aec45fe921d2

The jenkins (tomcat) logs tell you probably what went wrong. Usually these problems are caused by old plugins, so check that all your plugins are uptodate.

As @mawinter69 said:

Find the log, read the log, and use the information from the stack trace to resolve the error.

Servlet container support policy

As a word of warning, you said that you’ve chosen to run Jenkins inside Apache Tomcat. We don’t test Jenkins inside Apache Tomcat. The most testing and validation is done with the Winstone / Jetty container that is included with Jenkins. The servlet container support policy notes that the Winstone / Jetty container is “Level 1 - Supported” and says:

We run automated testing for these servlet containers, and we intend to fix reported issues in a timely manner.

The servlet container support policy notes that Apache Tomcat 9 may work and is “Level 2: Patches considered”, but says:

Support may have limitations and extra requirements. We do not regularly test compatibility, and we may drop support at any time. We consider patches that do not put Level 1 support at risk and do not create maintenance overhead.

The servlet container support policy notes that Apache Tomcat 10 is " Level 3: Unsupported" and is known to not work. It says:

These versions are known to be incompatible or to have severe limitations. We do not support the listed servlet containers.

It is generally much better for new users to run with the container provided by Jenkins (java -jar jenkins.war) than to run within another container. Installation instructions are available for Linux, Windows, and for direct launch of the war file.

where i find the log and stack trace ?

i have check all plugins are updated this error did not occur in my local laptop but when i try to use jenkins in tomcat it giving error

Refer to the Tomcat 9 logging documentation

If you are running Tomcat 10 or later, then you should stop doing that.