"A problem occurred while processing the request" in the latest version of Jenkins 2.367-jdk17

Hello Guys,

I have upgrade the Jenkins to the latest version i.e 2.367-jdk17. So that my Jenkins java.runtime.version should be jdk 17. With this Jenkins image , my Jenkins container is up and running, but when i am trying to login its getting the below error:

A problem occurred while processing the request.
Logging ID=3dd8c3e6-afad-4c49-9e14-12ecc1d39c6d

Dose any one has the solution for this problem , please help me on this.
I will be thankful to you.


The application log includes that logging ID and provides the full stack trace associated with that logging ID. The full stack trace in order for others to assist.

In addition, the list of all plugins installed and their versions will likely be needed. A system groovy script to generate the list of plugins installed and their versions is available from

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Hey MarkEwaite,

Thanks for your reply ,
Actually we are running jenkins in a docker container and we checked all the login in docker logs container id but there is no such regarding this logging ID , as we are not able to login to jenkins via UI so not able to see system logs .Please share is there any other location for application log that you referring

your help is highly appreciated

If you’re using the Jenkins Docker container image, then the logs can be viewed using the instructions in the Docker installation manual:

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