Where to look for "A problem occurred while processing the request." details?

After attempting to upgrade a plugin, some of my multibranch pipeline jobs wouldn’t display in the UI. Instead Jenkins was giving me the following error message.

“A problem occurred while processing the request.” Along with a Logging ID =

I tried searching for that ID inside of the following logs.

/var/log/jenkins.log and /var/log/audit-0.log. I also made sure those log files covered the time frame from when the errors occurred.

I looked also inside of /jenkinshome/logs. I still couldn’t find the ID.

So my question is, where would I find this in a log? How can I get additional details? Is there a level of logging that needs to be set?

Our main Jenkins controller is a RHEL server, not a docker container running Jenkins.

Reverting the plugin to a prior version cleared my problems, but I’d like to know what I need to fix so I can move forward with it.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

are you using a modern version of jenkins?

journalctl -u jenkins.service

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I have the same problem.
My Jenkins core version is 2.401.1

Hi @toussaint did you find the solution for the above issue ?