Jenkins GSoC 2023 Office Hours: March 9, 2023 | Project idea presentations

March 9, 2023 @16:00UTC

Special session about:

Attendees: Jean-Marc Meessen, Kris Stern, Freyam Mehta, Adrien Lecharpentier, Vandit Singh, Bruno Verachten, Lakshmi Shree A, Harsh Gupta, Yousef Elwaer, Giri Dharan, Prince, Ashutosh Saxena, Alyssa Tong, Sarguroh Tasmiya

Agenda @ notes:

IMPORTANT NOTE: from next week on, the weekly GSoC Hours will be at 15:00 UTC (1 hour earlier). The next two weeks will be “interesting” because some parts of the World will switch to Summer Time at different dates (and some others, like India or China) aren’t…

We are receiving notifications of draft proposals to be reviewed. :+1:

Next milestones:

  • March 20: GSoC Contributor application start
  • April 4th: GSoC Contributor application deadline :stop_sign:

Get your proposal out there for mentors to review and provide feedback. Be patient and give mentors time to review as all mentors have a full time job.

Special project idea presentations:

  • Building Android Apps with Jenkins [Bruno Verachten]
    • Not many contributed nor documentation on Android when you’re on
    • Would like to have real documentation on how to start Android - Jenkins
    • Would like some help that would work better and target more massive audience.
    • Prefer someone w/ some Android development and know CI CD, someone with no Android development this project idea isn’t recommended.
  • Docker-based Jenkins Quick Start examples [Jean-Marc Meessen]
    • Will be based off current docs section on and uses docker-compose
    • Quick Start - you have set up, clone repository, not
    • Goals is to have a set of well working examples so people can easily start Jenkins & Docker with Windows, Mac, various platforms
  • Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) drift detector
    • JCasC - mechanism where you can describe config of Jenkins environment as code. You have a text file where you have various parameters. You can build sophisticated system and workflow.
    • Only way to change config is thru the code.
    • JMM may not be able to mentor this project and we may run into the issue of finding an applicable mentor for this project idea.