[GSOC 2023 PROJECT IDEA] Building Android apps with Jenkins

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I’ve been playing with CI/CD for mobile apps for more than eight years (mostly with gitlab-ci).
Since last June, I am experimenting with Jenkins to build and publish Android apps, mostly with Docker.
I already have a working prototype and gave a talk about it last month.

The thing is I created that very naively, starting with my old Gitlab habits.
Furthermore, I was not looking for the perfect Android apps building Jenkins architecture, just a Jenkins system that would allow anyone to start it with just one command line.
That’s why I went the docker-compose way. The proof of concept works under Windows, Linux, Vagrant, macOS (x86 and ARM), and mostly on Gitpod, but… It’s not (yet) something you can copy and paste to production.
It is composed of a Jenkins controller (using JCasc), an Android agent, a generic Docker agent, an Android emulator, and an Android device farm (STF).

The idea is to have a more precise status of what can be done now with Jenkins. We could then amend the existing documentation, and describe architectures for:

  • Standalone Android projects
  • Android apps building farms
  • Android distro building (customized AOSP)
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Thank you for putting this GSoC project idea forward, @poddingue .

/- Jmm

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