Naively Building Android Apps with Jenkins. Not Natively, Naively

Hello there :wave: ,
This is (for the time being) a placeholder that will be used (hopefully) after my talk at DevOps World 2022 to discuss Android application building with Jenkins.
As per the abstract:

Imagine having built the almost perfect CI/CD system for Android and iOS apps with gitlab-ci. You took 8 years to fine-tune everything, you know your system by heart, you cherish your custom hardware, you know your community, its needs, and you’re ready for any challenge that may arise… Except this one: replicate this well-oiled machinery with Jenkins at home. What if you accepted to try it anyway, but only addressing a subset, and very naively? You haven’t touched Jenkins in years, know nothing about the tool’s new features, but try nonetheless to make a copycat of your previous pride and joy. Bruno Verachten of CloudBees, who is hosting this Breakout Session, deliberately omitted to look at what was being done elsewhere with Jenkins for mobile development, to discover new paths… which are undoubtedly those of knowledge. At the end of this session, you should be able to start CI/CD for Android app development at home with an unconventional method. Embark with Bruno on an adventure full of joys, frustrations, discoveries, but above all learning.

you will have understood that I didn’t know much about Jenkins when starting, so that what I propose is not state of the art or anything revolutionary.
It’s just a starting point to discuss with the people from the Jenkins community their achievements, their needs when it comes to Android app building with Jenkins, their thoughts, anything that could help others in the community that have to deal with mobile app development and Jenkins.

The referenced repo is there: GitHub - gounthar/MyFirstAndroidAppBuiltByJenkins: Let's try an empty Android App just to see how to build it with Jenkins

So… Please refrain interacting in this subject until September 28th 2022. :blush:

As you may have read, the original version of DevOps World got replaced by a remixed online version, and there were not as many slots as the original version. :person_shrugging:
So I was not able to do this presentation at the DevOps World remix.

Since then, I gave a shortened version of it at Mobile DevOps Summit, but there were some technical issues… :grin:

I then recorded my own shortened version (25 minutes) in one take, as if I was giving it for real. You can find the video there: Naively Building #android Apps with #jenkins. Not Natively, Naively - YouTube

Today, I’ll be giving this talk for the last time at DevDay 2023.
Next stop is GSoC if everything goes as planned. ¯_(ツ)_/¯