2023 May 11 Jenkins GSoC Office Hours

Attendees: JMM, Kris Bruno, Alyssa, Rajiv, Adrien, Harsh Pratap Singh, Ashutosh Saxena

Agena & Notes:

  • Plugin Health Probes
    • Meeting immediately after this
    • First meeting will figure out regular meeting time/cadence
  • Building jenkins.io with alternative tools
    • Have set up the first meeting with contributor
    • Have started discussing how to approach the project tooling-wise
    • Will need to set up the project page with contents to be added
    • Kris is concerned about time frame for involving the community (we may not have enough time to be very thorough about this process)
  • Docker Quickstart
    • Still difficult to find compatible time w/ mentors & Ashutosh. Ashutosh has exams this week and will schedule time to meet
    • Kris created a Slack channel for this project (in CDF Slack space): #gsoc-2023-docker-quickstart
  • GitLab Plugin
    • Harsh has completed bio and project description page
    • JMM made some remarks for improvement on the project description page for Harsh to follow up later
  • Harsh is eager to start early during the Community Bonding Period
  • Next Thursday will be a public holiday / festival / bank holiday in Europe. Jean-Marc will start the meeting in case anyone has anything they want to discuss but this isn’t mandatory.