Jenkins GSoC 2023: Office Hours April 6, 2023

Attendees: Bruno, Alyssa, JMM, Mukul Kumar, Adrien, Jake Leon, Vandit Singh, Sonali Rajput, Jagruti, Ashutosh Saxena

Agenda & Note:

  • Mukul: re: - how to better handle discussion on Github.

    • Adrien: Efficient communication is important, try to elaborate in your PR as this can help
    • Jagruti: I thing I always do before making a PR is discuss the solution with the maintainers. Even when I am sure the solution is correct. This saves me from a lot of unnecessary trouble. Also, I can gauge if I can solve that particular issue. In open source contribution, communication is the key. Do not get disheartened @Mukul. Keep contributing.
  • Sonali: Should I attend other meetings in the community?

    • JMM: Take 1 step at a time. You’re learning many skills professionally as a contributor to the open source.