Jenkins compatibility & Java 8 update


We are using Jenkins v2.277.1 with Java 8 and as mentioned in the post “Java requirements” that Java 8 will be supported on LTS releases until Sept 2022.

I have a few queries, could you please help me?

  1. Can I continue to use the mentioned Jenkins version with Java 8?
  2. Do I need to upgrade Jenkins to latest stable version following the update of Java to version 11/17?


Yes, you can continue to use Jenkins 2.277.1 with Java 8 as long as you wish.

However, the Jenkins project only provides security fixes for the most recent weekly release and the most recent long term support release. Jenkins 2.277.1 is affected by the following security advisories:

Jenkins 2.277.1 does not support Java 17. The first long term support release to support Java 17 is Jenkins 2.346.1.

Jenkins 2.277.1 supports Java 11, though for the security reasons listed above, you should upgrade from Jenkins 2.277.1 to the most recent long term support release.

The next Jenkins LTS baseline (expected to release in September 2022) will require Java 11 or Java 17. It will not support Java 8.

When upgrading across multiple versions, be sure that you read and heed the instructions in the upgrade guides for the intervening releases.