Jenkins 2.401.3 with Java 8 on CentOS 7

We have upgraded jenkins development server from 2.235.1 to 2.401.3 but now two linux nodes and 1 window node seems to be offline, we are using centos 7 and java version 8 which is used by Jenkins production server,now production server and development server conflict between java 8 and 11?

The upgrade guides and the changelogs note that you need to use Java 11 or Java 17. Java 8 is no longer supported by Jenkins. The blog post that Jenkins dropped support for Java 8 beginning with Jenkins 2.361.1 provides additional information.

The end of life operating systems blog post notes that the Jenkins project will stop supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and its derivatives (like CentOS 7) on Nov 16, 2023. Plan an operating system upgrade for that machine or use this as your reason to install Jenkins on a new operating system and restore your jobs from backup on the new machineā€¦

That will affect production server as it uses node having java 8 and that is the concern for organization, is there any way by which we can use both Java versions ,java 8 for Production server and java 11 for Development Server

You will need to run the Jenkins controller with Java 11 or Java 17. Jenkins does not support Java 8.

The Java version that runs the Jenkins controller is often different from the Java version that is used by Jenkins jobs when they build something. The Java requirements page provides more information on it. There are also videos that can help.

Thank you for your support , for windows node we are running bat script to run java 11 as well as java 8 so for now Windows node is working with both jenkins server

Once again thank you for support and guidance