Upgrading Jenkins

Hi Team,
Our DevOps stack is currently housing Jenkins open source LTS 2.164.1 (Java 8/Windows). We are planning to upgrade to latest Jenkins LTS version. Have few
questions around this:

  1. Does latest Jenkins LTS version support OpenJDK ?
  2. Can i directly upgrade to latest Jenkins LTS version (from current 2.164.1 LTS) using supported Java version 11/17 ?
  3. Our application source is compiled using Java 8. I am planning to install two versions of Java on Jenkins agent/slave (Java 8 to compile/build application source and Java 11/17 to Connect to Jenkins master). So, this approach is ok or anything to take note if i am planning to adopt this method ?

Need your response at the earliest. Appreciate it


Hi @mahammad-azeem,

Please see the Java requirements page for information about what Java versions are supported.

My personal recommendation however would be, depending on how much you have configured on your server, to see about setting up a new server and instance of Jenkins and migrating everything over to it. Upgrading from 2.164.1 to 2.387.1 (the latest LTS as of today) is a BIG step and may be hard to test. This lets you set up a server fresh and test it beforehand to eliminate any issues.

If you absolutely need to do the upgrade and cannot migrate, review the upgrade guides for each version in between your start and stop places, and I’d strongly recommend doing it in at least these steps (do more if you notice anything worrying):

  1. 2.263, followed by plugin updates (do to large changes in 2.277)
  2. 2.346, followed by plugin updates and a Java update (due to Java 11 being required by 2.361)
  3. 2.387

hi @mtughan Thanks a lot for your quick response.
How about item 3. ?

I can have multiple OpenJDK on jenkins slave right ?


Hi @mahammad-azeem, that’s addressed in the first link I sent you, specifically in the “Running Java-based tools and builds on Jenkins” section.

hi @mtughan
Got it
Appreciate your sincere response
Thanks a lot