Jenkins Board and Officer Elections 2022

We are excited to announce the 2022 Jenkins Governance Board elections! The nomination and voter registration period is now open. Nominations can be submitted for two governance board positions, and all five officer positions (Security, Events, Release, Infrastructure, and Documentation).

These roles are crucial to the expanding community and continued progress of Jenkins. This is an opportunity for Jenkins contributors and community members to sign up to vote in elections, and acknowledge other community members by nominating them for a position.

The election consists of 4 phases:

  • Nomination of candidates (October 20 - November 10)

  • Voter registration (October 20 - November 17)

  • Voting (November 17 - December 2)

  • Results announcement (December 7)


During the registration period, we invite community members to nominate candidates by sending a message to the election-committee group. In your message, please include the name of the nominee, the specific position and your reasons for nominating that person. The nomination period ends on November 10. Nominees will be notified, and asked to confirm that they are interested in running as a candidate. The list of candidates will be announced on November 17.

Anyone can nominate candidates.

For the 2022 election, nominations are open for the following positions:

Additional information about the roles can be found on the team leads page.


On November 17, candidates will be announced, and all registered voters will be notified by email to participate using the Condorcet Voting System. Registration to vote closes as soon as candidates are announced on November 17. All votes must be submitted by December 2.


As soon as the votes are counted, the results will be published. The new term starts on December 3, when the newly elected members will transition to their roles.

Key dates for the 2022 elections

  • October 20: Voter registration and nominations open

  • November 10: Nomination deadline

  • November 17: Candidates announced, voter registration closes, voting period begins

  • December 02: Voting period ends

  • December 07: Results announced

Key information

Thank you, as always, and don’t forget to register to vote by November 17!

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