Documentation office hours - Nov 4, 2022


2022-11-04 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Meg McRoberts
  • Dheeraj Singh Jodha
  • Kris Stern


  • Action items

  • Jenkins elections

  • DevOps World 2022 to be held next Wednesday Nov 9, 2022

    • DevOps World 2022 Online registration
      • No charge to attend
    • 4 hour event, two different times for Asia and for Europe
    • Many talks accepted for Orlando could not be in the online event
      • Contributing to Open Source Workshop is not included
      • Plugin health scoring not included (as far as Mark knows)
      • Agenda not yet visible on the web site
    • Considering other ways to present those talks (online as Jenkins Online Meetups, other)
      • Jenkins Online Meetups for the talks (Plugin health scoring)
      • Workshop could be with a registration accepted for a small group of people
        • Live coding, live debugging, etc.
  • Weekly 2.376 and LTS 2.361.3 released successfully

    • Live stream with Darin Pope and Mark Waite yesterday
    • Weekly changelog process?
      • Kevin Martens reviews the weekly changelog each Monday
      • Kevin proposes a second pull requests that corrects the issues he finds
      • Mark applies those corrections to the original pull requests
      • Resulting changelog is ready to publish
      • Kevin submits a pull request to correct after release
  • Next LTS (2.375.1)

    • Baseline selected as 2.375
    • Nov. 30th release
    • LTS changelog and upgrade guide needed
      • Changes since 2.361 (subset of the total changes)
      • Changes since 2.375 (backports)
    • Needs a release lead - volunteer on the developer list
    • What was the experience as a release lead?
      • Sometimes the communications are unclear
      • Some cases the release checklist assumes expert knowledge
        • When those happen, we submit a pull request to improve the checklist
  • Hacktoberfest 2022 has concluded

    • 117 first-time, but now seasoned, contributors submitted 613 eligible PRs
    • From these, 531 PRs are “Hacktoberfest complete” (merged or flagged as hacktoberfest-approved). They were submitted by 95 contributors (among them 42 qualified for the swag just with Jenkins contributions)
    • A total 1183 non-automated PRs were submitted during October in the jenkins-ci and jenkins-infra organizations. This is a 10% to 15% increase in the average number of monthly submissions
    • Blog post recap will be created to share additional results and user stories
    • Consider a blog post on hints for success with new contributors
      • Mentors available
      • Tasks that are valuable but simple
      • Reference materials available for use
      • Multi-format reference materials (written steps, video steps, etc.)
      • Make mistakes and learn from the mistakes
      • Difficult to write tests in a feature rich environment like Jenkins
        • Video tutorial or blog post on testing plugins with JUnit
    • GSoC idea automate the transformation that are documented in the tutorial
      • OpenRewrite looks promising as an automation facility
  • Hacktoberfest highlights

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