Documentation office hours - Nov 10, 2022


2022-11-10 (Europe)



  • Action items

  • Jenkins elections

  • DevOps World 2022 held yesterday Nov 9, 2022

    • DevOps World 2022 Online
      • Registration/recordings available for all
    • 4 hour event, two different times for Asia and for Europe
    • Recordings available indefinitely
    • Considering other ways to share talks not presented (online as Jenkins Online Meetups, other)
      • Jenkins Online Meetups for the talks (Plugin health scoring)
        • Mark and Zainab interested in presenting “Open Source in Africa” talk
          • More details to be added
      • Workshop could be with a registration accepted for a small group of people
        • Live coding, live debugging, etc.
      • Google Summer of Code 2023
        • Promotion and workshop
        • Pre-registration
        • Based on interest levels
  • Weekly 2.377 and LTS 2.361.3 released successfully

    • Live stream with Darin Pope and Mark Waite last week
    • Weekly changelog process?
      • Kevin Martens reviews the weekly changelog each Monday
      • Kevin proposes a second pull requests that corrects the issues he finds
        • Alex has insight here
          • What can be done to help from a core maintainer perspective
            • “-” at beginning of message, use “*” instead
            • Use imperative form
            • Github release page is more technical wording
          • Potentially add colors/indicators for Developer items
      • Mark applies those corrections to the original pull requests
      • Resulting changelog is ready to publish
      • Kevin submits a pull request to correct after release
  • Next LTS (2.375.1)

    • Baseline selected as 2.375
    • Nov. 30th release
    • LTS changelog and upgrade guide needed
      • Changes since 2.361 (subset of the total changes)
      • Changes since 2.375 (backports)
    • Release lead - Alex Brandes