Documentation office hours - Nov 18, 2022


2022-11-18 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Meg McRoberts
  • Dheeraj Singh Jodha


  • Action items
    • Kevin - Archive docs mailing list, switch to for Docs SIG
      • Still needs work done to get to a starting point
    • Mark Waite create PR to document the web application server support policy
      • similar to browser support, Windows support, and Linux support
      • Tomcat, Glassfish, WildFly (JBoss), WebSphere
        • Java EE now becoming Jakarta EE
      • Jenkins project does not test Jenkins inside those app servers
  • GSoC 2023
    • Gitter channel for the gsoc sig shows many newcomers
      • How do I get started? How can I contribute?
      • Requires a reply to each of them
      • Replies become redundant
      • What about a blog post that lists the projects and how to contribute?
        • Blog post specific to GSoC contributors
      • Potential GSoC applicants, want to encourage them to get involved
        • Accept that most will say they are interested and then do nothing
        • Need to keep the cost of our replies low
      • Step by step page that guides the new contributor is better
        • Rotate through a series of plugins and custom answer each request with a different plugin and the same “Improve a plugin” tutorial
        • Create a rotating list of plugins with willing maintainers, respond with the next plugin in the list each time a new person asks
    • Node label parameter plugin contribution
      • Jagruti is helping now with git plugin testing of a specific enhancement
  • Jenkins elections
  • Next LTS - 2.375.1
    • Baseline selected as 2.375
    • Release lead - Alex Brandes
    • Nov. 30th release
    • LTS changelog and upgrade guide needed - Kevin Martens & Mark Waite
      • Changes since 2.361 (subset of the total changes)
      • Changes since 2.375 (backports)
    • 2.375 testing is a good thing to do, check for regressions, issues, surprises
    • RC testing has started
  • Next Friday (November 25)
    • No Docs office hours, canceled due to Thanksgiving in US
  • Thanksgiving Blog post (for Nov 24)
    • Use Thanksgiving as a great excuse to thank organizations that sponsor us
    • CloudBees, AWS, JFrog, Digital Ocean, Red Hat, OSU, Github, CD Foundation, Discourse, Oregon State University Open Source Lab, Pagerduty, Datadog, …
    • Logos, visual intention with sponsors
    • Deep gratitude and appreciation for all they do

whatcha need help with @kmartens27 ? can I helps?