Jenkins and Black Duck


I would like to use BlackDuck to scan and verify my code. I am hoping after the verification I can get some kind of a report in some format, which I would be able to send through the email at end of the jenkins build. Is something like this possible? I would like to do this within the Jenkins Declarative pipeline.

Thanks a lot!

Sure. Jenkins can do anything you can do on the v command line and more. I’m pretty sure there’s a black duck plugin, and there’s for sure various email plugins. But failing that a simple script can do it

Gavin could you clarify this - it seems that Black Duck plugin is suspended!!!
So what is an option to be used?

“Plugin distribution has been suspended, see for details.”

Looks like blackduck team removed the plugin. See if there’s a cli tool? Ask them what they suggest?

Try synopsys detect - it’s the new blackduck plugin.

(yeah, the name is a bit misleading…)