Is there a way to add timeout on http connections

This question has basically two parts.

  1. is there any way or a plugin to add a time-out to the http connections? We have cases where external services get stuck and we get Jenkins UI APIs hanging for an infinite amount of time. Adding a timeout to them would at least close them out over time

  2. is there an extension point to hook into for these http connections? We have an LB in front of our Jenkins servers and some impatient users will click refresh if the page doesn’t load instantly and they end up with 20-30 http connections to their name actvie. Want to see about limiting these users and the number of connections they can have.

What http connections is the jenkins ui using? Are you asking if you can add timeoutts to your jenkinsfile?

Asking if I can add timeout to the jenkins ui. So people checking the logs or build pages or accessing the /api/json interface.

You know for someone who loads a 2G junit.xml file into a job and can’t wait for it to finish loading when they click “test results” and reloads the link 200 times.