Jenkins JIRA connection timed out

Hi Team,
After upgrade to Jenkins 2.385 LTS, we are frequently getting timed out error when Jenkins try to connect to JIRA and only after restarts the pipeline works successfully.

‘org.thoughtslive.jenkins.plugins.jira.steps.GetFieldsStep’: idOrKey 14:18:48 JIRA: Site - Jira-PROD - Querying All Fields including Custom fields. 14:20:59 Error Code: -1 14:20:59 Error Message: Connection timed out (Connection timed out)

This has been frequent behaviour and as a workaround we are restarting jenkins service on daily basis.

Has someone come across similar issue and what was the resolution steps.

Hello @Dino and welcome to this community. :wave:

Has anything else changed since you upgraded to 2.385?
No JIRA version change, network change, or anything else?

No nothing as such, just normal upgrade and it’s plugins update

Thanks. What version did you update from?

Upgraded from 2.35x to 2.38x

Do you spot anything in the LTS Changelog ?

Notably none as such for JIRA or any timeout related. The problem is it works fine after startup, but abruptly it stops and eventually you have restart the jenkins service, at first we thought could be jira related and also jenkins logs does not say much

May be worth is to get in touch with Atlassian Support. :thinking: