Extracting Jenkins Users data and Last commit activity

Hi All,

I am trying to extract Jenkins users and last change data ( I am not good at groovy so trying shell script).
→ while curling the /asynchpeople/api/json , I am getting the 504 gateway issue (But i can see it is hitting server). Not sure whether it is a dynamic page for loading in the browser it self takes minimum 40-45mins.

Note : Able to Extract the data for other small environments with my script.


Hi @vamsibca and welcome to this community :wave:

If you are experiencing a 504 gateway timeout issue when trying to access the /asynchpeople/api/json endpoint in Jenkins, wouldn’t it indicate that the request is taking too long to process and the server is timing out?

How big is your Jenkins instance?

You are correct, It is a very big instance which holds 3000+ user data.

Hi @poddingue , I am able curl with jenkinsurl/asynchpeople/ but not able to curl jenkinsurl/asynchpeople/api/json or /api/xml

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